Video Card Display Package

Elementary Parent 24-Pocket Video Card Display Package

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Level: Elementary
Topic: Parent Involvement

Help your parents navigate the elementary years more smoothly with this video card package. Providing engaging, short videos on topics important to all parents, this display package is perfect for offices and parent centers. Included in this package are 24 video card sets that link parents to our most popular elementary parent videos. The lightweight, convenient display unit will keep your video cards organized and easily accessible. This display package includes a 24-pocket display unit and 1,200 Video Cards (50 of each title).

Titles Included

3087 - Elementary School Success
3088 - Homework Tips
3089 - Screen Time & Internet Safety
3090 - Friendship
3091 - Parenting Tips
3092 - Career & College
3093 - Top 10 Kindergarten Success Tips
3094 - Top 10 1st Grade Success Tips
3095 - Top 10 2nd Grade Success Tips
3096 - Top 10 3rd Grade Success Tips
3097 - Top 10 4th Grade Success Tips
3098 - Top 10 5th Grade Success Tips

3099 - Attendance
3100 - Getting to School Safely
3101 - The Importance of Reading at Home
3102 - School Refusal
3103 - Your Child's Sleep
3104 - Video Games
3105 - YouTube, TikTok, and More
3106 - Bullying
3107 - Fostering Patience
3108 - Cultivating Kindness
3109 - Encouraging Honesty
3110 - Teaching Responsibility


Each video card contains a QR code with a link to a short video (approximately 2 minutes). Providing practical tips and valuable information in an engaging format, video cards are an easy, convenient way to share helpful information with students and parents. Video cards are 2” x 3 1/2” (the size of a business card) and printed on sturdy card stock.

Video card display units keep video cards easily accessible and attractively organized. Displays are 25” x 18” (24 pockets) and ”25 x 30” (48 pockets). The bottom portion of the display is clear acrylic. The curved top portion of the display comes in clear or white acrylic. You can screw your display into the wall with included mounting hardware or attach it to the wall with included removable wall adhesive.

Video Card Display Packages include a display unit and 50 of each title. They are perfect for guidance/counseling offices, media centers, classrooms, and hallways – anywhere students will see them. There’s no easier way to share information with your students!

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