51 Tips to Prepare for a Career

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Product Type: Book - 110 pages
Level: College

This pocket-size book gives college students 51 practical tips to help them realize their professional dreams and achieve their career goals. It shows students how they can have it all – a great college experience and a rewarding career after they graduate. It's the perfect resource for Career Services, first year programs, and career centers. 

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Product Type: Book - 110 pages
Level: College

Help your students prepare for their future career! This pocket-size book gives students practical 51 tips to help them make sound decisions, prepare for their future, and realize their professional dreams. Perfect for career services, first year programs, and career centers, it’s a must-read for any college student hoping to have a rewarding career after graduation.

Suggested Uses: Topics Covered:

Career services
First year programs
Career presentations
Academic advising offices
Student Support Services
Career Centers

Using Career Services
Reviewing skills and interests
Choosing a major
Academic advising
Strengthening soft skills
Career options

Working in college
…and much more

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