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Product Type: Digital
Level: Elementary

An annual subscription* to the Elementary Edition of SchoolShelf provides digital access to Woodburn Press elementary booklets and InfoGuides for the students, parents, and educators associated with your school or special program. Organized on five shelves, it delivers more than thirty resources focusing on topics such as academic success, and parent involvement.

* A subscription is good for one school building or specific program. Multiple subscriptions can be purchased at a discount. Please call 888.285.1502 for details.

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Product Type: Digital
Level: Elementary

The elementary years are an exciting time for both students and parents. There is a tremendous amount of learning and growth that takes places during these important years, and parent involvement, support, and guidance are a critical key to student success. SchoolShelf provides parents with the information they need to guide their children through these formative years.  It also includes resources that show upper-elementary students how to succeed both in and out of the classroom. Perhaps most importantly, SchoolShelf allows educators to provide solutions to a number of elementary school related issues all in one place.

Resources Covering: Perfect For...

Parent Involvement
Student Success
Study Skills
Skills by Grade Level

Parent Programs / Conferences
School Counselors

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