All About Bullying

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Product Type: Book - 16 pages
Level: MS, HS

Start a conversation about bullying. This popular, easy-to-read booklet presents insightful information for targets, bystanders, and parents. An excellent resource for initiating meaningful discussions, this booklet raises student awareness and provides practical tips and advice on how your students can help prevent/stop bullying in your school.

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Product Type: Book - 16 pages
Level: MS, HS

Address bullying head on. This popular, easy-to-read booklet provides a vehicle for confronting and preventing bullying. It is ideal for initiating tough discussions, raising student awareness, and providing practical tips on how to help make your school bully-free. Topics include: what is bullying; why students bully; bystanders and upstanders; what targets can do; and cyberbullying. The final section gives parents practical suggestions on how they can help their child prevent and/or cope with bullying. This is the perfect handout for orientations, homerooms, assemblies, and anti-bullying programs. 

Suggested Uses: Topics Covered:

Anti-bullying programs
Student conferences
Parent conferences
Homerooms / advisory groups
Guidance/counseling offices
School counselor programs

The different kinds of bullying
Why students bully
What bystanders can do
Is your friend a bully?
What targets can do
Helping bullies get help
Are you a bully?
If your child is a target

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