Bullies and Bullying

Product Type: Tri-fold Pamphlet (InfoGuide)
InfoGuide Series: Bullying
Level: MS, HS

Help bullies understand and change their hurtful behavior. This InfoGuide offers advice to students who are acting as bullies. Topics discussed include: why bullies behave as they do; what makes someone a bully; and how bullies can change. It also includes a short quiz: “Are you a bully?” This is the ideal handout for student groups and counseling sessions.

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Product Type: Tri-fold Pamphlet (InfoGuide)
InfoGuide Series: Bullying
Level: MS, HS

Put a stop to bullying. This important InfoGuide is packed with thingS students need to know about bullying, including why bullies bully, the personality traits of a bully, how bullies can change, and more. This valuable resource addresses bullies directly, and encourages them to consider the effects of their actions. It also includes a short quiz designed to help students determine if they have ever acted as a bully. This guide takes a non-judgmental approach to positive change—it’s a must-read for all students.

Suggested Uses: Topics Covered:

Anti-Bullying Programs
School Counselor(s)
Guidance / Counseling Offices
Open Houses
Student Conferences
Student Groups
Homeroom / Advisory Groups

Types of bullying
Why do bullies bully?
What makes someone a bully?
Bullies can change
Are you a bully?

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