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College Habits for Success Pamphlet Display Package

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Level: College
Topic: Academic Skills

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Help your students develop the habits they need to succeed – both in and out of the classroom. Our six College Habits for Success pamphlets provide students with time-tested tips and advice to help them get organized, study smart, stay motivated, and more. These engaging, easy-to-read pamphlets make excellent handouts for all students, and the Display Package is a great addition to any learning center, counseling office, academic advising office, or tutoring center.

Package Selection Options & Pricing:
50 of each title (Display & 300 pamphlets) - $198.95
100 of each title (Display & 600 pamphlets) - $198.95 + $150 = $348.95
100 Personalized of each title (Display & 600 Pers pamphlets) - $198.95 + $250 = $448.95

Titles Included:
861 - Getting Organized
862 - Studying Smart
863 - Managing Your Time
864 - Being Mindful
865 - Staying Motivated
866 - Reaching Out for Help

Pamphlets (six-panel) provide concise information and tips in an easy-to-read, engaging format. Updated regularly to ensure that the content is always current and accurate, these helpful resources make excellent handouts. Pamphlets are 3 3/4” x 8 1/2”, printed on top quality paper, and available for immediate shipping. The display keeps your Pamphlets easily accessible and attractively organized. Displays come assembled and ready to put on any shelf, desk, or table.

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