Academic Success Tips

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Product Type: Tri-fold Pamphlet (InfoGuide)
InfoGuide Series: College Life
Level: College

Boost student success. This engaging InfoGuide shows students how to achieve academic success by “studying smart” and doing what it takes to succeed in their classes. Students are encouraged to use an academic planner; prioritize tasks; attend every class; seek help when needed; and much more. The perfect addition to any learning center or orientation, this resource is a must-read for all college students.

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Product Type: Tri-fold Pamphlet (InfoGuide)
InfoGuide Series: College Life
Level: College

Give your students the tools to succeed. This concise, easy-to-read InfoGuide is packed with the things college students need to know to succeed in school, such as scheduling classes wisely, arriving early for class, using an academic planner, prioritizing tasks, completing assignments early, and much more. From building study skills to knowing where to find help if they need it, this guide is an excellent resource for all college students.

Suggested Uses: Topics Covered:

Academic support programs
Learning centers
Tutoring centers
New student orientations
First year experience programs
TRiO programs
Counseling Services
Disability Services
Student Support Services

Schedule classes wisely
Arrive early on “day one” and sit up front
Use an academic planner
Make use of the dead hours between classes
Prioritize tasks
Complete all assignments early
Combine tasks
Attend every class

Come to class prepared and participate
Limit your laptop use in class
Use a notetaking system that works for you
Study in a quiet place
Study according to your body clock
Take regular breaks
Study according to your learning style
Seek support and help

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Level College
Topic Academic Skills
Resource Type InfoGuide
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