Help Your Child Prepare for College

Product Type: Tri-fold Pamphlet (InfoGuide)
InfoGuide Series: Parent
Level: MS, HS

Equip parents with the information they need to prepare their children for college. This Parent InfoGuide offers accurate, up-to-date information on college-recommended courses, choosing a college, admissions criteria, paying for college, and more. An essential read for the parents of college-bound students, this resource is the ideal handout for parent involvement programs, college programs, and more.  Also available in Spanish.

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Product Type: Tri-fold Pamphlet (InfoGuide)
InfoGuide Series: Parent
Level: MS, HS

Help your parents support their college bound students. From taking the right courses in high school to choosing the right college, this concise, easy-to-read resource shows parents how they can help their children plan and prepare for college. Including a year-by-year timeline, this InfoGuide goes over what students should be doing each year to prepare for college. This is a must-read for any parent of a college-bound middle or high school student. 


Suggested Uses: Topics Covered:

Title I Programs
TRiO programs
Parent Center(s)
Parent Conferences
School Counselor(s)
Guidance / Counseling Offices
Family and Community Engagement
Open Houses
College Nights
College Programs

Recommended high school coursework
Choosing a college
2-year and 4-year colleges
College size
College location
Academic programs
College cost
Admissions requirements

Grade point average
Strength of subjects
ACT / SAT test scores
Extracurricular activities
High school timeline
Paying for college
Financial Aid

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