Primary Planner 2023-2024

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Level: Elementary
Topic: Academic Skills

Organization is key to academic success, and this wide-ruled planner makes getting organized easy and fun for early elementary students. This popular planner includes weekly fun facts, success tips, reflection questions, parent discussion prompts, and writing space for goal setting. The perfect tool to help young students stay organized and practice their writing skills, this is the most affordable full-size planner on the market.

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  • Includes academic success tips, reflection prompts, parent discussion prompts, and writing space for goal setting and parent/teacher notes.
  • Full-color
  •  8½ “ x 11” / 48 pages
  • Dated pages (7/31/23 – 6/28/24)
  • Laminated covers
  • 3-hole punch available
  • Easy ordering
  • Delayed shipping & invoicing available
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