Staying Safe at College

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Product Type: Book - 16 pages
Level: College

Empower your students to make smart choices and have a safe, enriching college experience. This timely resource covers the things college students need to know to stay safe at college—including being aware of their surroundings, keeping calm in a crisis, making good choices, and much more. The ideal tool to involve students in important safety discussions, this booklet is must-read for all college students.

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Product Type: Book - 16 pages
Level: College

College is a time of immense growth and development for young people, but with new experiences and freedoms comes the potential for risky behaviors and situations that are unsafe. Help your students make smart decisions by empowering them with timely advice on staying safe—wherever they are. This important booklet is packed with everything students need to know to be observant, in control, and most importantly, safe. Covering important topics such as staying safe in a crisis, understanding sexual assault, and avoiding drug and alcohol abuse, this resource is a must-read for all college students.  

Suggested Uses: Topics Covered:

New student programs


Campus safety programs

Sexual violence prevention

Counseling center

Student Support Services

Student Affairs

Housing and Residence Life

Greek Life

TRiO programs

Public Safety

Student Conduct office

Be aware

See something, tell someone

Stay safe on campus

Stay safe in your dorm or apartment

Be prepared

Stay safe in a crisis

Have a friend, be a friend

Don’t engage in risky behaviors

Understand sexual assault

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